The Definitive How to do a Pedicure Guide

 you want to know how to do a pedicure at home huh?

Well, a pedicure really doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to the salon. Neither does it mean a bunch of expensive products to buy. You can do one right at home with stuff you may already have.

Sure salons and spas have those really cool pedicure chairs with all the frills, scented oils, fancy tools, magic moisturizers and a whole list of other goodies but you can recreate much of that allure right at home. Yes, you can transform your bedroom into your own personal spa.

To make it a fun thing, you and some friends can even get together and have a pedicure party, where you can help pamper each other and do little fun pedicure games. These can definitely make the task more enjoyable!

If you’re pregnant there are some special considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. Our page on The Pregnancy Pedicure should be all the advice you need.

Here’s the definitive guide to giving yourself an at home pedicure. It will be beneficial to browse through the pedicure instructions steps first before going out acquiring the things on the "needed pedicure supplies" list. Reason being, there are little goodies (and precautions) within the steps that aren’t necessary but offer additional information on products to use and tidbits on how to go that extra mile to make your feet sensational!

Needed Pedicure Supplies

Nail Polish Remover
Nail file or Emery Board
Epsom Salt (at least a ½  cup)
Cuticle Stick or Pusher (cuticle pushers and sticks can be wooden, plastic or metal)
Foot soak tub (Foot bath, pedicure tub, pedicure bowl, pedicure foot spa or some other large vessel)
Nail Brush (old or new toothbrushes can work or a bath towel if you’re ticklish)
Mechanical Exfoliant (Loofah Sponge, Pumice Stone, Foot File or even a Ped Egg)
Chemical Exfoliant (Foot scrub cream of your choice)
Foot Moisturizer, with emollients
Base Coat, Top Coat (clear nail polish can be substituted, and in many cases base coat can substitute for top coat and vice versa)
Nail Polish (color of your choice)
See our page on pedicure equipment for additional information on these necessary pedicure tools as well.

*Note: Some nail care kits may have a lot of the mechanical pedicure tools needed, although probably not everything.

A pedicure, some foot care and everything else in between...

Great, healthy feet are but a pedicure away! Well maybe a few pedicures and some home foot remedies, depending on how bad you’ve neglected them. Yes, I know you’ve neglected them because we all do it! Neglect the very things that have supported us (literally) faithfully all these years. We all can do better. Our feet have been taken for granted – by us.
Have no fear though. Everything you need to know about keeping your feet happy, healthy and handsome is included in this site. All you have to do is the clicking!
Nothing will be spared as we show you correct, inexpensive ways to care for and pamper your feet. We will get right down to the ingredients used in products and show you what to use, when to use it and what to avoid.
Whether you are a diabetic, foot model or just someone tired of being ridiculed about your subpar feet, we most likely have a tidbit or two that can help you out. Learn the tricks and gain the knowledge to give you the confidence to stand on your own two feet and expose them to the world!
So sit back, relax and kick your shoes off, literally, because you’ll need to once we get down the business!